Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sequins' no glue challenge

Well this was a challenge and a half for me. make a card without using Glue or tape well what a challenge so here was my entry, the base card every element was sewn on. The zigzag paper was attached down the left side with zigzag stitch, then a tacking stitch across the top, the star paper was just attached at the bottom. bit I added some beads down the right side sewn on . I then used braids sewn in place at an angle to house the bookmark and stop it falling out, someone gave me this idea previously on another Card I made so I thought I would try it so I made a simple bookmark with 2 stamped images in Silver and Green and added a poinsettia to the top finished with a braid ribbon.


Jennifer said...

Wow, what a challenge! You've really done some stunning work here.
Jen x

Cambiel said...

That is ingenious Karen! Fab rsult for your hard work :-)

tiggertastic said...

Oh this is really good, fantastic idea with the ribbons.

Well done

Sarah x

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