Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Decoupage makes

A couple of Decoupage makes, A nice red Sports car for my freinds Son who was 17 this week, I choose these Black and red colours with White splashes, The Flower Fairy is for the Card Swap so is winging it's way to Shelleyhope, the Last Decoupage card was made using the lacey effect paper sent to me in a Rak from Sequin, she also cut out and sent me the decoupage image, so I just had to build in up and lay it out hoping they work together.

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Rachel said...

lovely cards karen....well done..



Denyze said...

How cute is this, I love it. The backing is perfect for the image.


Denyze said...

Me again, couldn't remember if I told you I'd left something for you on my blog. I love your music, Thompson Twins on at the mo, what a blast from the past :)


Copse said...

Thanks Ladies, Denyze I love my 80's music lol, glad you also like it :-)

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