Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star's and Stripes

Well I took this weeks theme on SSDS of Star's and Stripes literally and (Tried) to create an American Flag the Star's and Stripes,  this isn't an easy task, I did some Wiki research to double check the Configuration  of 50 stars and or course the stripes.

The main card is A5 in size and I used some Red and Blue paper which is a pearl paper,  the stars I used my Cricut and set it to cut 50 stars,  1st batch too small Argggggggggg ,   second batch are ok but they are so hard to line up,  I finished off this card with the simple words 4th cut out using my Heritage Cartridge I then dressed that with WOC flowers in Red, White and Blue,   this card is Winging its way to my Friend in the US as I type ( well I hope its arrived now)

I hope my flag attempt doesn't upset anyone,  have a fab and safe 4th July all my Blogging American Friends.

Pop on over to the SSDS blog to check out the other DT makes.

1 comment:

ike said...

Wow - that's a whole lot of work on those stars. The flowers are gorgeous and the card looks great. I hope your friend appreciates the hard work. :-)
Ike xx

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